• Ours Is a business of professional recruitment and placement. We value good people management and long term business relationship with our clients and we only choose those companies having the same values as we do.

  • M&M Placement Int'l. Inc. is manned with highly qualified employees who are all experts in their own department of assignment to ensure our goal of on time delivery of selected workers. Simply put a tripartite benefit for our clients, their workers and our agency.

  • Permanent workers means getting away from spending more on advertisement, paying overtime pay and night differentials, and other expenses that may not be necessary if you have the right number of permanent workers.

  • Our trademark of standards and excellence can be seen through our Customer Care Services through rigid screening, pre-selection and final selection of candidates based on our client’s given qualifications and at the same time continuous periodic on-site monitoring and post deployment assistance to the workers and their family.

Welcome to M & M Placement

Our reputation for success is closely linked with our ability to specialize. Our commitment to excellence begins with our people, industry experts who understand your needs and more importantly know how to fill them. Because we select our consultants for their specific industry knowledge, you can rest assured that every aspect of your business is understood.

Before we can find a solution we must take time to look at the problem. Thorough investigation and detailed briefing session allow our consultants to build an exact picture of our organization and how the role fits within it. After all, it's not about finding people it's about finding the right people.

The time we invest initially is the time we ultimately save you. Our partnership with you helps us understand every aspect of your business and therefore the qualities we must look for in our search.

Our comprehensive preparation and unique search process guarantee quality conclusions, to leave you with a choice with finest in their field.

Our belief is that your needs demand more than straightforward recruiting skills, which is why every consultants that we have is carefully handpicked for their in-depth industry and commercial experience.